Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday Salon - 03/9/14

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Typical busy week, things are picking up as the semester plows onward toward graduation and summer.  Like everyone else, I. AM. SO. DONE with this winter crap...and they are talking another snowy, slushy day this week. Really?! My point of view is pretty clear...if it doesn't get me out of work, it's not worth it!!


I am not at all fond of this Daylight Savings thing. Yeh, I appreciate the extra daylight, but I was catching a good hour after work anyway. I'd rather not loss that hour of sleep, thank you! Anyone wanna start a petition to end daylight savings time?!

Reading & Blogging:

I didn't get around to a Saturday Savings post this week, maybe next week.

But, I did finally finish Rosie Perez' memoir and was able to get a few posts up this week. I started a new read, which I am enjoying quite a bit. In fact, I'm gonna go read more...

What are you reading this week?