Thursday, March 27, 2014

When Katie Wakes - Fowler (Throwback Thursday Review)

Out of difficult and sometimes horrific times, artists often grow. No where is this more obvious than the case of Connie May Fowler. A product of an abusive and dysfunctional childhood, Fowler grew into a beautiful writer.

In her memoir, When Katie Wakes, Fowler shares her personal experiences growing up in a family with a multi-generational history of domestic violence. With stark candor, and such an air of normalcy and acceptance, she shares heartbreaking stories of the physical and emotional violence she endured as an adult when she too found herself in the same sort of relationship, as is common in  abused cases. The cycle perpetuates.

It seems only through unconditionally loving another, in her case a puppy named Katie, she is able to experience true love and acceptance for herself She clings to Katie with the need for hope and a reason to go on. And it is ultimately Katie who enables Fowler to gather the strength to walk away from the horror and sadness of her situation and find redemption and happiness.

This memoir touched me deeply. My personal background, though not quite similar, isn't very far either. Thankfully, my loved ones were able to break this cycle and move on to healthier and happier lives. Reading this book I saw not only a story, but the reality in the acceptance of this horrible situation. I saw, and felt, the truth of why abused women often return to their abusers, time and time again. I saw my childhood.

Unassuming, yet so well written.

I loved this book.

 5/5- Excellent. Keep it, treasure it, reread it.