Saturday, May 03, 2014

Saturday Savings - 05/3/14

Couponing - Making Mistakes

As a new couponer this is, of course, all a work in progress. And I've made lots of mistakes!  But each trip I try something new, find a new deal, find another way to save time and energy. Most weeks I come home with a deal.

As with the newspaper inserts, not every week is going to be a winner. Some weeks won't be big on sales. If there is a week where there truly aren't any deals that you find worth it, then skip the trip. Don't go!

A couple weeks back, I shopped only Stop and Shop. I had no need to go to Shaws or Market Basket, so I didn't. I do usually find at least one deal at CVS and Walgreens though, so I stop on the way home from work. But again, if there are no good deals I just head home and skip it that week.


Total trip = $0.46!

Single toothpastes on sale for $3.00
Double packs were $3.99
Stacked with mutiple toothpaste and Colgate coupons.

Renuzits on sale for $0.88 each
Stacked with 2 Renuzit coupons for $1.00 of 3

Lipstick was $5.99
Stacked with a $4 coupon, and a $1.99 reward buck, was FREE!

Actual cost, about $15...but, all stacked with left over reward bucks from last trip, actual spent $0.46!