Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunday Salon - 05/11/14

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It's been a rough week... 

I'm struggling with this CPAP thing a bit and my sleep is constantly interrupted due to the pressure while I am asleep. As a result, its very hard to focus during the day (hard to read, hard to write blog posts, etc.). And by the end of the work week, I am utterly exhausted from trying to focus so much. 

Thus this late post!

Thankfully, I am headed to the doc today to be fitted for a better mask. Hopefully that will relieve the problem I am having. If not, the doctor may reduce the pressure. I have high hopes that I will adjust soon and suddenly recover the energy and pep I used to have before I was reduced to a few measly hours of sleep a night!

Also, some friends and I decided we are going to take a ladies weekend away memorial day weekend!  The hubby will stay home and care for the diva-kitty and house. I actually think he's planning a boy's night watching Monty Python, so he is thrilled. We plan on spending the weekend at a friend's lake cabin in Connecticut, relaxing, singing, and me reading/them gardening. Its been so long since I took a few days off, I can't express how excited I am!


Not much going on here, as noted, though I am reading albeit slowly. I finished two books this past week and will post about them soon.

Currently, I am reading The Word Exchange. I'm not far enough in yet to decide whether I like it or not. More to come...