Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday Salon - 05/04/14

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Another crazy week! Planning not one, but two end of year parties while continuing to ensure we are ready for commencement. Trying to continue to stay focused and positive while waiting for word about new opportunities and possibilities. But, have finally been up front with my supervisor about my plans when the proverbial sheet hits the air-producing unit. I am glad we are in agreement about what is best for me, not just the department. Though my goal, of course, is to fully support them until they no longer need it.

PV got the opportunity to book a performance this past week for today. Unfortunately, the other girls had a prior commitment, but the party date changed and yippee, we booked it for next weekend!  We are very excited to share the event of a 90th birthday party and sing for the guests!

This lovely little dresser is one of pieces of furniture that we inherited when we bought our house. Originally it was sitting by the front door, but hubby is notoriously hard on furniture...dumping tools and, well, just about anything on the first spot he finds (we can't actually eat at our kitchen table!) when he walks in the door. I was concerned it would be destroyed. So off it went to the cold, side porch for the winter, but still we were worried it would get ruined out there. So I finally emptied it out and put it in our bedroom. It kinda matches the other furniture and serves perfectly as storage.  I'm glad I finally did it. And, added bonus, the porch is now clear for summerizing! Come on nice weather!

And lastly, this weekend I went out and bought a FitBit. As I mentioned earlier this week,  the doc put me on a CPAP and the FitBit will track not just your steps and calorie burns, but also how much sleep you are getting. I'm not convinced it's medically reliable (you have to tell it when you are falling asleep...but if you are telling it that, can you actually be sleeping?!), but it's close enough "for science", as they say.  It syncs with an app on my phone and is helping me get a realistic feel for actual sleep patterns.


I took part in Dewey's Read-a-Thon last weekend. Wasn't a rousing success, I had too many non-reading duties to deal with, but I did get some reading in.

Visited my parents this weekend with hubby. While he worked on upgrading their computer from XP to Windows 7, my stepmother and I took a ride to a local aging community that was having a yard sale-fair. They had a book sale, $2 for a full bag. Umm...not sure their idea of a "full bag" is the same as mine...but look at the goodies!!

Success, I'd say!!!


Laura @ The Shabby Rabbit said...

That dresser is MAGNIFICENT!! I love it!
Nice haul on the yard-sale circuit! If you ever want to part with the Carrie Fisher book, lemme know :)