Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Savings - 10/25/14


Generally speaking, I am an honest person.  I'm a black/white, right/wrong person...very few"greys".  Seriously, I've corrected someone or spoken up to my own detriment on many occasions.  That being said, there are some cases where I have learned to keep my mouth shut. "Big business" (shopping) is one of those. I feel that, if the big-name stores (Walmart, Stop n Shop, etc) hired staff at more than minimum wage, then they might get better than minimum wage employees. Furthermore, big business spends billions of dollars a year trying to screw me out of my hard earned money!  Errors are the cost of doing business the way they do.

Case in point...

A couple weeks back, a big name store had a deal on Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. They were $1.88. And, there was a $2 off 2 coupon in the paper. Their ad, conveniently (and perhaps shadily) pointed this deal out prominently, the potential price of $0.88 nice and big to catch everyone's eye. While I am sure they would say they were doing us a "favor", the truth is that I am confident they caught more than one shopper who didn't note the coupon needed part and didn't check their receipts after.

When I went in to get the deal, they were of course out of stock. And so I asked for a rain check for the max I could get, ten bottles.  The gal wrote the price check...for the $0.88 price!! I didn't notice until I was home, but at that point I decided it was their error, to my benefit. I returned to the store this week with my rain check and coupons...and oh, what a deal!!

Laundry Detergent = $2.99 on sale, BUT...

$0.88 each, per rain check
Minus two $2 of 2 coupons

Total cost = 0.48 each, or $4.80 total paid