Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Salon - 10/19/14

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Oooff... A busy week here! At work, one of my admin folks was out sick, one was on vacation, and the other left to work for another department a couple weeks back. That left me doing three (actually 3.2) jobs... And, remember how they are splitting my job in two? Well, part of the reason is that my job is more than one full-time slot...especially during the fall.  So, in reality, I was doing more than three full time jobs this week, - all by my lonesome! I'm pooped!

Talking about splitting my job... The interviews went well. I have been told that, though we are still waiting for HR to follow up, I am the candidate they have chosen for the job. Yeah! It's nice to know I will have a job!  Now my supervisor has to work with the powers-that-be to work it out... The department doesn't want to loss me, which again is really nice, so they are asking me to think hard if I want to stay or go.

Purely Vocals has gone into the studio three times to record. Now its up to the sound engineer to make something of our tracks. But, we should have a CD soon!  Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas! :)

Still doing the work out thing. Took some days off not feeling well, but trying to maintain at least every two to three days.


I've finally begun to get control again. I've preset some posts, so I am not always struggling to keep  up (or let's be honest, catch up!). This fall has just been too crazy, it's tough to keep it going. But, I am determined to make it through until things calm down (and I am once again only doing one full time job, ha!).

Just finished up reading this:

I love Liz Harrell (Owen), in case you don't know. Her blog MabelsHouse, was amaze-balls! She is funny, entertaining, and seems like a really cool chic. I say "was" because she recently switched over to She is going through some changes in her life (including a divorce) and the new blog site is a shift toward her new future. I wish her luck, success, and joy. Lot's and lots of joy!

I've started reading a fun new book... But you'll have to stop by tomorrow to see what it is!

Have great week everyone!