Wednesday, October 01, 2014

To Selena, Wtih Love - Perez

Title: To Selena, With Love

Author: Chris Perez
Published: 2014
Genre: Memoir

Book Source: 
I purchased this book myself.

Recommended if you like: Memoirs, Music/Artists, Selena fans

What Its About:  

Selena Quintanilla Perez was taken from this world so suddenly, so violently.  Countless fans felt the sudden, tragic emptiness and  patiently awaited...something more.  The 2000 film starring Jennifer Lopez was a band-aid on the glistening wound, but not quite enough to heal. While time has helped, fans finally have a book to ease their loss, Chris Perez's retelling of his and Selena's love story.

Perez talks about his experiences meeting Selena and her family, how he came to be part of Los Dinos (Selena's back-up group), the struggle of performing music which did not fulfill his passion for rock 'n roll, and talks of the difficulties of finding his way into the extremely tight-knit Quintanilla family. He offers an honest look at the joys, and the difficulties, of being Selena's husband...and being Abraham Quintanilla's son-in-law. 
He offers a more thorough look at the timeline around Selena's murder and shares what life has been like since that horrible, heartbreaking loss. 

The Bottom Line:

Much of this book is very similar to the movie, right down to sharing the same stories. It would have been nice if Perez had picked more untold stories and anecdotes. But the look at Perez' point of view is valuable. It provides a more thorough look at Selena as a woman, not just Abraham Quintanilla's daughter, and reminds fans of the wealth of talent that was lost.

Definitely a great read if you are a fan...or are just wondering what happened after the movie ended.