Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Goals

I am not one to set "New Years Resolutions", mostly because I'm not one to complete them... And then I feel like a big ole failure! But I do want to look forward, thinking positively about 2015 and what can be accomplished! So, I have decided to plan some..."goals". That way there is no failure, just "unaccomplished" or "yet to be accomplished" ideas. Here goes...

Books and Blogging
1. Read 50 books or more
2. Post more about life stuff, and book stuff, and just generally be more consistent
3. Do better on my reading Challenges
4. Read (and complete) at least two new classics this year
5. Get better at drafting upcoming posts, so I can keep the blog up to date and not constantly fall behind
6. Add some diversity to my reading, maybe branch out and read a genre that typically I wouldn't

Health and Fitness
1. Exercise more, say 3x/week (or more)
2. Cook more and therefore eat better, less microwaved, meals

Home and Organization
1.Update the bathroom, paint, mirrors, etc. It needs help!
2. Fix the "closet situation". When we moved, we downgraded to one large closet...from two. Ugh! This has created issues... We need to add a second level, at minimum, and preferably an entirely new closet system.
3. Finish painting the indoors (kitchen and bedrooms)

Work and Education
1. Pass on as much old department work as possible, as quickly as possible so I can...
2. Focus more intently on my new duties and try to get ahead of the game, rather than always catching up
3. Move my old department into their new building and settle into my new space
4. Possibly start studying to take my certification in Research Admin, which will just make me more employable in my field
5. Maybe dabble in a few, perhaps, computer coding

Family and Fun
1. Hang out with friends and family more, invite them over if need be rather than going out
2. Be more flexible when hubby does plan outings and I know I'll have a great time...I "just don't wanna go out..."
3. Settle in with our new youngins and ensure their new lives are safe, secure and happy
4. Motivate hubby to work on music with me and not just his buddies
5. Continue efforts to hang with PV, despite our changes...hopefully gig a bit over the summer

That's more than enough for now...

Hopefully I can end the year feeling that I accomplished at least some of these goals and, maybe even a bunch that haven't crossed my mind!

What goals do you have for the new year?