Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sunday Salon - 1/4/15

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I woke up today at 6:30am (never happens!) and 3 hours later, it was 8 am.

Yeh, do the math... I'll wait.

Why does this never occur on work days?! Usually, you wake at 5am and five minutes later it's 7:30 and time to get up! And why is it only on the weekends that my body wants to wake up early? During the week, I always want another couple of hours of rest. Oh well, I guess since it is my last day of vacation, it's ok to force myself to stay awake...that way, I might actually be tired at a normal hour tonight, rather then sliding into bed at my regular 1am vacation bedtime.

I have finally, mercifully kicked my stomach bug. And, so far at least, hubby seems to have managed to avoid it. 2015 is already looking up! We ended up calling some local friends and inviting them over for New Years last minute, no pressure.  And even though they all had plans, they all managed to make it. So it was a pretty fun New Years after all. We got Chinese food and drank to our good fortune, some more than others, and watched the ball drop. All made it home safe and sound!

We then spent New Years Day with my family celebrating my missed Christmas, which was lovely. My family gave me awesome kitchen gifts (new pots and pans, a food chopper) too, and they were awesome. You know you're officially getting old when you actually enjoy that everyone gives you housewares!  And I did, in fact, cook myself that Christmas dinner...and then some. I was so hungry after being sick that I planned a ton of meals and have cooked all but one. I have already cooked and frozen:

Trisha Yearwood's Mac and cheese
A Middleeastern beef and green bean dish (for hubby)
Chicken and dumplings
Shephards pie
Turkey dinner, corn pudding and roasted red potatoes
No cook chocolate and peanut butter bars (Trisha again, so good!)
A pork loin with peas and potatoes
Spinach Lasagne
and Two Bacon quiches

Um, yeah...I was hungry!

Planning eggplant parm and three types of cookies...and banana bread soon. My freezer is plenty full and we will not be needing to cook dinner for a few weeks, at least!

I was hoping to finish off my first read of 2015 today, which I am absolutely loving. But something more pressing may have come up...

The other day, hubby suggested we pop over to Petsmart and pick up some new fishies for our dwindling tank. We did so and brought home a bunch of new friends. Of course, I couldn't help but pop over to the adoption center because I am drawn to cats and dogs like a moth to a flame!  One quick look and surprise, they had two young sisters awaiting a forever family. We just happened to be talking about exactly that, two sisters. And though they will never fill that aching whole left by our lost kitty, they would certainly find new places of joy and love in there.

We sent several emails and an application and this Saturday, we got to meet the two gorgeous little tortie babies (about 5 months - young enough to look like kittens, but old enough to be house trained and spayed). We put a save on them and await their checking our references. I expect my friends will overload them with positive comments. And I have a good record with our hopefully they will be our forever babies soon!  Yes, 2015 is certainly being good to us so far!!

So today, I spent the rainy, snow-covered day cleaning and preparing the house for potential kittens, which Sheeni was clearly not. I still have to look at each and every item on each and every surface with a fresh eye...could they knock it down, would it break, is everything they have access to safe, etc.?! Though I was not wanting to spend my last day of vacation cleaning, it's a labor of love well worth it!!


So along with trying to finish up my first read of the year, Last Night at the Viper Room, I was thinking about changes to the blog I would like to make. So I went in search of that weekend event when everyone updates their blogs...and could not (cannot) for the life of me remember it's name or when it is. Is it worth waiting or should I just dig right in now while I'm motivated? 

This made me realize that there is a need for a blogging calendar and perhaps a grand list of challenges for us book bloggers. Unless someone can point these out to me as preexisting, they may become part of my blog in the future! I also have some other ideas that will be be incorporated as soon as I can get everything else done...ha!

Enough for now! Have a great week.