Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Salon - 1/11/15

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This week was pretty good. I returned to work for two days (just enough time to catch up on emails and problems) and then had the opportunity to attend a work- related conference (on campus, but away from my desk) for two and a half days. The conference was good, a bunch of review and some new learning too. Of course, having just returned from vacation, this caused even more back up...but I was able to catch up pretty well on Friday afternoon. This coming week, however, does look to be busy...perhaps a bit overwhelming.  But we will see.
All week, hubby and I waited not-so-patiently for the adoption folks to call or email. After checking our references they finally did Friday morning and we got to pick up our new babies yesterday. They have not yet come out from under the bed all day. I am hoping turning out the lights and reducing the sound on the TV will make them more I am typing in the dark essentially.  Forgive any errors...
They must have to piddle by now...right? Or be hungry? Or thirsty?  Oh I hope they settle in soon and realize we love them so! 

I promise some new pictures when we can finally get some!


I finally finished my first read of the year, Last Night at the Viper Room, which was really good...though similar to a video on Youtube I watched. More about this soon. I also started reading The Book Thief, which I hadn't gotten too yet. I hear its wonderful, so I am excited about it.

I moved ahead with that list of Challenges that I mentioned last week. Its a work in if you know Challenges that are not on it, feel free to let me know! Also working on a handful of other changes this month which will hopefully make the blog more interesting and fun to follow. I will be posting my 2014 review and new goals for the year this week, check it out.

How about you? Any new blog plans for 2015?

Have a great week.