Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ten Things About Kittens...

Ten Things About Kittens...

1. Not all kittens come home all cuddly and adorable like in Facebook videos.

2. Two kittens can, in fact, contort their bodies so as to fit both of themselves into a space the size of a milk jug!

3. Feral kittens, even when socialized, will likely be traumatized by a move to a new home (especially when said move involves leaving mama behind).

4.  Two scared kittens will determine the best hiding place they can find in the middle of the night is the dirty fireplace (cold, of course)!

5. Even a scared kitten will purr when given enough love and attention.

6. As much as you feed them, pet them, and scoop their kittens will always willingly go to your husband first (not that I'm hurt or anything).

7. The first time a kitten willingly decides to come out from under the bed, with you in the room, you will feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway..."Fire! I have made fire!" (Insert chest beating here...)

8. Chest beating is apt to scare said kitty back under the bed...avoid!

9. Eventually, even the most scared kitten will realize that they are safe and loved and that maybe this new home is a good place to be. This may take a while, but keep at it!

10. Rescue cats are worth every second put into loving them and giving them a safe and secure forever-home! Run, (now!) to your local pet shelter and adopt a ball of love!


Brandie said...

This is great. I have a new kitten (got her around Halloween, so she's about 5 months old now) and she's so sweet one minute and a terror the next. Sometimes it really grates on my husband and my nerves, but I know she's worth it.