Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Deep Thoughts From A Hollywood Blonde - Garth

Title: Deep Thoughts From A Hollywood Blonde

Author: Jennie Garth
Published: Genre: Memoir
3/5- Good. Read it, have a good time and move on. Or not.

Book Source: Borrowed from the library

Recommended if you like: Celebrity memoirs, easy-going humor, 90's television

What Its About: 
In her "tell-all" memoir, Jennie Garth tells her story...from her sudden rise to fame, playing Kelly Taylor on Aaron Spelling's Beverly Hills 90210 in the '90's, to her recent divorce from husband Peter Facinelli. 

As always, fame is not what it seems. Garth opens up about the difficult adjustments she was faced with as her beloved father faced health issues, just a Garth hit her teen years, forcing her family to move her childhood home, a spacious ranch and the pain of leaving her older siblings behind, especially her closest sister.

Garth opens up about her first and second marriages and how they were greatly affected by her emotional issues, due to these losses, and talks of how she found herself faced with performing in a scripted "reality" series, just as her second marriage shattered and having to face the camera and appear happy every day, despite her pain. And, now in her forties, Garth talks of how she has found her way to moving forward, caring for her beloved daughters and animals.

The Bottom Line: 
A good read. The initial chapters about her childhood and 90210 are entertaining and read quickly. As her story moves into her personal life, failed marriages, and struggles to survive her very public divorce, the read becomes much more personal, deep, and emotional.

If, however, you are looking for some deep, dirty gossip..whether about her 90210 cast mates, or her exes, you are going to be disappointed. Garth has nothing but good things to say about her coworkers, though she acknowledges that age and immaturity played a large part in the rumor mill. As well, Garth is extremely kind to and respectful of her ex, Facinelli, accepting responsibility for where she may have caused the rift.

The teen sensation has grown up, it seems, and with this book you begin to realize just how deep Garth's thoughts truly go!