Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sunday Salon - 02/15/15

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So, we had another two snow days, Monday and Tuesday, this week. Unfortunately, hubby was traveling for I got stuck shoveling. But I survived. Then, this weekend we got another storm and another foot and a half! Thankfully he was back and we shoveled together.  Honestly, I've lost count of the inches of snow we've gotten, but...

...need I say more?! This pic actually includes some snow hubby moved off the roof, but our regular piles are easily waist high. Word is another two storms are due this week! Not sure how much more we are looking at, but...I already can't see out of my bedroom window, does it really matter?!?

The positive of all this snow is that it's allotted us a bunch of extra bonding days with the kitties! They are coming out more often and are interacting much more. They are still easily scared by noises...not uncommon for ferals. But they are definitely trusting us more.  We actually changed their names, and they have already leaned to respond to them...especially when it involves food! I set up a new Facebook page for them...Tale of Two City-Kitties! It's open, so if you want to follow feel free!

Kitty after her mama's heart!

I also took them for their first vet visit (with us, they were well "vetted" before coming to us) last weekend and they got a glowing report. The doc even said that they looked and sounded so great he would have never known they were ferals. They even let him cut their nails with no fight! Good girls!!

All this snow has also given me more reading time! I hate cold and shoveling, but you'll not hear me complaining about extra days off work to read!  I'm now behind on reviews, which is actually good because I read so slowly. I like having a back up to cover those slow weeks.

I powered through Anson Williams' (you remember him, Potsi on Happy Days?) memoir, which was a freebie on Netgalley. Actually, this was a great week for new arrivals, I'll post my list tomorrow. And started another of my Christmas gifts this weekend.  Check me out tomorrow to find out which one!

Have a great week!



Stormi Johnson said...

I really feel for you guys who are getting hit so hard with the snow, I don't see how you do it. I would go crazy..I hate snow. They are saying we might get some here in Missouri and I am freaking I don't drive on it and I hate missing work..right now it's sleeting..prefer the snow..ugh. Hoping most of it goes around us. :) Happy reading!

Ah, I hope Pita turns out okay. I hate it when my pets are sick, it always makes me feel bad. Can't blame the little thing for not wanting to be near you after you poked and squeezed on

Hope you enjoy your new reads! :)


Red Iza said...

I've never seen so much snow in real life ! Actually here, a couple of snowflakes fell and rapidly melted, so, no white Christmas. One of my cats is a feral too, he's the sweetest of them :) Keep warm and have a great week !