Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sunday Salon - 03/08/15

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Well, hello there, thanks for stopping by!

This was a pretty good week work wise. I was able to focus more on my new job than I have been able to since I started, and though that was also opened up the door for more responsibility (which had previously been put off) to start falling on my shoulders. Good and stressful at the same time. Increased work generally means less blogging time, so it wasn't a productive blogging week...but I am hoping to start finding those extra minutes soon!

The kitties are still doing great! They continue to settle in and make the rest of our house their home. L has gotten into the habit of cuddling with me and sometimes falling asleep on my arm. A demands attention from hubby constantly. Life is good.

The weather is also looking better, little by little. It's forties this week, rather than our previous teens! It did snow a little this morning, but nothing that accumulated, so it's all good.

So, I guess the theme for the month is "slow, but steady".

I managed to reduce my Facebook time this week, but sadly that didn't increase my reading or blogging time. I've been wierdly tired this week and have struggled with getting enough sleep. But I finally buckled down and read quite a bit today. I hope to finally get some of my reviews written and posted... I am sure you all are ready for some actual books on my book blog!

Have a great week!