Friday, March 27, 2015

A Day In The Life - Friday, March 27th, 2015 - Live Feed...(kinda)

Trish at Love, Laughter, and Insanity is hosting a fun event today — she asked book bloggers to record a day’s activities and share them.

My "A Day In The Life" post if "live feed" (kinda). 
I will blog my day today, Friday March 27th, 2015 as my day unfolds... 
Busy or slow, good or bad...this is it folks. REAL LIFE!

5:00: Left work and headed home. Called hubby to tell him I was on the way, and he told me he forgot he had an errand to run, no hurry. We decided I should stop and get the Chinese food and eat when o was ready.

5:45: Because I wasn't in a hurry, I popped by the library looking for CDs. Forced myself not to take any books home, even though it was killing me. Went to pick up the Chinese food and was able to read my current book, Moloka'i, while waiting...I should read at restaurants more often, my focus was awesome! 

6:22:  Got home, said hello to the kitties and then separated the laundry (not a clue why I felt this should be done before eating). Then, ate: chicken lo mein, scallion pancakes, chicken cashew. Yummy! Put the rest into a warm oven to keep for hubby. He should be surprised.

7:15: More blogging and way too much Facebook. Fed the kitties.

8:20: Started a load of laundry, cleaned the litter boxes, and put the clean dishes away (I try to do some of the house duties Friday night, otherwise I spend my whole weekend cleaning...and that sucks!), then promptly rewarded myself with some Ben and Jerry's pistachio ice cream!

Snuggled with the kitties..they took turns loving on me.

8:30: Hubby got home finally, got some dinner and retreated to the man-cave to watch Big Bang Theory reruns. I opted for TiVo'd Trisha's Southern Cooking, which reminds me that I have to make more of her peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzel stick bars, SOOO GOOD! Maybe this weekend.

9:20: Watching the kitties play, so much fun! Going to read for a while.

12:00:  Finished laundry, heading to bed.


Joy said...

Didn't get here in time to watch this unfold -- what a fun way to do it, blogging live!

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