Saturday, February 23, 2019

Christmas additions to the family...

The Holidays.

I don't tend to ask for books for the holidays. I use the library a lot (particularly ebooks on my phone). And, when I do purchase books they are usually from books sales, discount stores, yard sales, etc. To put it frankly, I'm cheap. I just can't spend full price on books, or anything really. Don't believe me, look back on my couponing blogs.

[And yes, I still coupon...not quite as much, but as much as possible.]

But every year, my family goes... "Uh, what should I get her?! I know...books!" Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining or anything. I'm a terrible person to buy gifts for...if I need/want something, I just buy it (you should have seen my Black Friday haul this year!). Sometimes those gifts are a home run, sometimes they are good "to be read asap" options, and other times they get put on my TBR pile "until I need something to read." But admittedly, I always cringe a little when a full-price book comes home.

What I got this year...
Great choices!