Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday's Fave Five - 11/4/11

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five. It's Friday so that makes it time to look back over our week and look for those things we are grateful for. It may be big or it may be small and you have to dig for it, but there are always things we can be thankful for. Please join us as we share our favorite five. If you need the guidelines they are here.

1. Lighting the fireplace for the first time. I love sitting by a roaring fire with a book and a cup of something! It was nice to enjoy our fireplace for the first time this weekend...and the smell of smoke is finally dissipating. 

2. A new roof. Despite the cost, it was well worth it to know the house is truly ready for the winter. Well almost, attic insulation this weekend. Then we are truly ready. Well almost, some spot painting to finish up. But then we are truly...oh, who am I kidding? I'm a home owner! There's always something else, and isn't it great?! 

3. Halloween. We didn't get any "trick or treaters" this year, we are likely too new to the neighborhood and parents don't know us. But I enjoyed watching the little ones roam the streets looking for candy. A party was not in the cards for us this year (it was just too much with the move and my being off my feet for months due to my broken foot), but we hope to try again next year. 

4. Beating a cold. I hate to tempt fate, but it looks like I side stepped a "doozy".

5. Looking forward. Its only the 4th, but I know that I have a long weekend next week and then when I leave work on the 18th I am on vacation until after the holiday! I didn't take a vacation this summer, due to being out for my foot during which I worked from home. So, I am admittedly burnt out. Resting, relaxing and reading are not far off!


TIFFANY said...

I love sitting by the fireplace!

Have a great weekend!

ellen b. said...

We are due for a new roof next summer...
It's great to sit by the fire. I'm glad you have some time off to look forward to. Blessings...

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I'm looking forward to reading, resting and relaxing, too! How nice it would be to sit by a fireplace...but alas, too warm here for that!

Have a great week.

Susanne said...

Fireplace going and a book is definitely awesome!

You cracked me up with your roof to insulation to spot paint to ... It is so true. There is always something but I'm grateful to be a homeowner.