Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Go The F**k to Sleep - Mansbach

My apologies to all who might be offended, but this book was just to darn great to not review it...

A bedtime poem, or lullaby of sorts, for parents who live in the real world, Go The F**k To Sleep by Adam Mansbach is a hilarious look at the reality of the frustration and exhaustion that sometimes boils over when parenting small children. Brutally honest in its frustration and profanity (yes, I realize that not everyone uses such language, but let's be honest...in some cases, there just is no better word that fits a situation than "F**k", is there?!), this book is  funny enough to allow and inspire a parent to laugh in such a trying situation.

This book has been described by others as "pants-wettingly funny" - I totally agree and I don't even have kids!

5/5- Excellent. Keep it, treasure it, reread it.