Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Married!

Hi all,

Apologies to anyone who stopped by over the past week and found...nothing. I blacked out for SOPA/PIPA and then got involved in all the details of planning and executing a last minute wedding!

For those who are newer and don't know, the fiance of 5+ years and I decided two weeks ago to just do it. And, given how busy I am and travel plans for work, etc. this past weekend really was the time to make it happen. So, we called friends and family and, forgive me Emily Post, asked them to be there with less than two weeks notice. Most everyone showed up too!

My dress (on a model...)
Thursday, I bought a dress.  He got a new suit and together we picked out his ring.  Friday, we shopped for food and cleaned the house and Saturday at 3pm...TA DAAA! was done.

Exciting, but crazy!

No long stress of planning and prep. It didn't cost us tons of money since we did it at home (or new home) in front of the fire place with a Justice of the Peace and about 30 friends and family.  We had a nice little party afterwards, though we plan on a big Jack and Jill cookout over the summer when our extended friends and family can come.

Overall, it was lovely and we are both glad its done and we now get to move into the future as man and wife!