Thursday, January 05, 2012

Precious & Fragile Things - Hart

Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart is a suspense novel which makes you want to tell everyone about it, but without giving away too much information.

Gilly Solomon, a wife and mother of two, is exhausted.  She is the sole caregiver for her two children, home, and husband. She feels unappreciated and overwhelmed. She just needs to get away...

Then, she is kidnapped at knife point. 

Her first reaction, to her own chagrin, is relief.   She is thankful that she may finally get a day of rest. Someone else will finally have to do something for her for once.  When given the chance to break free and run, she hesitates and stays.  

The only person more surprised than Gilly herself is Todd, her kidnapper. He takes her to his uncle's cabin in the remote woods of Pennsylvania. But this was not Todd's plan. His intentions ran more toward the suicidal kind, not the kidnapping kind.  Gilly's first assumptions that Todd is crazy or violent are wrong. He is actually a man who is dealing with deep hurt and loss from childhood.  Gilly too holds deep pain from a childhood with a mother who was mentally ill. She and Todd manage to forge a precious, but fragile bond. 

But Gilly can not lose sight of the fact that she must get away. Todd will never let her go, now that she knows who he is and he would likely end up in jail. He can not and will not do so.  But Gilly is a mother first.  She can not accept that. She must return to her babies, to her family.

Ultimately, Gilly must offer Todd the only thing she has to offer.  The thing he may want more than anything else. Ultimately, she offers him what Todd's mother could not.

Though this is my first book by Hart, it is clear that she is a master at writing novels that focus on the human connections and deep emotions behind tragic and difficult situations.  Where the story lacks in exciting, chair-gripping adventure it doesn't lack at all. The stories behind the characters lives are exciting and interesting enough that you are fulfilled.  I enjoyed this book quite a bit.

4/5- Great. Push it on your friends and family.

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