Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday Salon - 01/01/12

Happy New Year! 2012 is here and hopefully good things await us all!!

Work and family
It was a wonderful Christmas weekend, full of time spent with my and the fiance's families.  Then this past week I was on vacation.  Vacations are great, except when you spend them just as busy as a regular week!  I cleaned, I shopped, I cleaned some more. I ran from responsibility to responsibility and barely read at all.  I'm exhuasted!!

We spent New Year's Eve with friends, which was last minute but really, really fun.

Today, my a cappella group auditioned for a cabaret shodw. We hope they make a place for us as we've been working hard on a new piece. More about this later if all works out.

We also got a call from someone who had seen us perform a couple years back. She kept our card that long and wants to hire us later this year for a party. Very cool!

Books and Reading
Not much new going on here. I've been trying to get through the same book all week, but have just been too darn busy. I am finally almost there and expect to finish it tonight. Though, technically, I am finishing it in 2012...I really read 95% of it in 2011. So I am going to count it toward last year and start fresh in 2012!

I'm very excited about the new year ahead, the reading and the blogging. I'm taking part in my first blog tour and am starting the book tonight. I'm also hoping to see my blog grow in 2012 and hope to include some new opportunities.