Friday, January 04, 2013

2012 End-of-Year Challenge Update

It was a year of success and failure, much like life I suppose.

To be fair, I got very close in the two challenges that I didn't complete but just plain ran out of time. Not so bad for a year that included a wedding, a reception six months later, and a huge increase in the gig-activity of Purely Vocals!

Ran out of time on this one, oh well...on to 2013!
Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 2012
(I choose not to include all children's picture books I read)
Challenge: Breaking a sweat – Read 11–15 more 
Books read in 2011: 50
Books read in 2012: 47
Books remaining: 14+ - FAILED!

This on was easy...I love my library! (or I'm too cheap to purchase books)
Support Your Local Library Challenge
Challenge:  Level 4 - Read 37+ library books
Books read: 41
Books Remaining: SUCCESS!!

Another easy one! I am hooked on memoirs.

Memorable Memoirs Reading Challenge 
Challenge:  Memoirist - 10+ memoirs
Books read: 23
Books remaining: SUCCESS!!

A slow start, but with the addition of an iPad this was an easy finish. E-Book Reading Challenge
Challenge:  The Mini E-Book Challenge – Read 5 E-Books
Books read: 12
Books remaining: SUCCESS!!

So close, but X and Q stumped me! I may try this one again as I already have a Q book picked out for next year.
A-Z Book Challenge 2012
Challenge:  B - The Lazy Way
Books read: 24
Books remaining: 2 - FAILED!

A - We the Animals; Awkward Family Photos
B - Alice Bliss; We Bought a Zoo
C - The Boxcar Childre; Cabin
D - Diary of a Player; Diaries & Daydreams
E - Extremely Close, Incredibly Loud
F - Following Atticus; F in Exams
G - The Golden Hat; Giant George
H - The Help; Hazel Creek; Heaven is Here
I - The Invisible Thread; I Got This
J - Waldo, the Jumping Dragon
K - Kisses from Katie
L - A Stolen Life
M - My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me
N - Ninety Days
O - Out of the Blue; The Orchard
P - The Puppy Diaries; Peak; Plain Truth; The Particular Sadness of Chocolate Cake
Q -
R - Rolling Pennies in the Dark
S - The Spiderwick Chronicles; Section 132
T - Trauma: My Life...
U - Up
V - Voices of the Dead; The Vow
W - When She Woke; Wonder; What Teachers Make
X -
Y - The Year of My Miraculous Reappearance Does this mean You'll See me Naked?
Z - Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats; In Zanesville

A little more difficult, but doable. Success is sweet.

What's in a Name Challenge
Names read: 6
Books remaining: Success!!
1. topographical feature (land formation): Hazel Creek; The Orchard
2. something you'd see in the sky: Out of the Blue; Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats; Peak
3. creepy crawly: The Spiderwick Chronicles; Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats
4. type of house: Cabin
5. something you'd carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack: Awkward Family Photos, Rolling Pennies in the Dar; Diary of a Player
6. something you'd find on a calendar: Ninety Days

Complete 2012 List*: 
*(This list contains children's books, but I did not use picture books towards my final count.)

  1. The Puppy Diaries
  2. Out of the Blue
  3. Awkward Family Photos
  4. Rolling Pennies in the Dark
  5. A Stolen Life
  6. Voices of the Dead
  7. When She Woke
  8. Hazel Creek
  9. The Help
  10. Wonder
  11. We the Animals
  12. The Golden Hat
  13. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  14. The Orchard
  15. The Spiderwick Chronicles: Field Guide
  16. Heaven is Here
  17. The Boxcar Children: Book 1
  18. Following Atticus
  19. Circus
  20. Buster Keeps Warm
  21. Sorcerer's Apprentice
  22. Over and Over
  23. Dinosaur's Halloween
  24. Socks for Supper
  25. Dear Zoo
  26. Sometimes I Pretend
  27. Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats
  28. Peter Pan and Wendy
  29. Harry and The Lady Next Door
  30. In Zanesville
  31. One Fine Day
  32. Waldo, The Jumping Dragon
  33. Zoobilee Zoo: The Big Mess
  34. The Big Snow
  35. Sam and Lucy
  36. Go, Dog, Go
  37. The Wonder Book of Cottontails
  38. Clara Joins The Circus
  39. Wild Animals from Alligator to Zebra
  40. Miss Rumphius
  41. F in Exams
  42. Trauma: My Life as an Emergency Surgeon
  43. Diary of a Player
  44. Ninety Days
  45. What Teachers Make
  46. Up
  47. Section 132
  48. The Vow
  49. I Got This
  50. Peak
  51. Plain Truth
  52. The Invisible Thread
  53. Giant George
  54. Alice Bliss
  55. Cabin
  56. Daydreams & Diaries
  57. We Bought A Zoo
  58. Kisses from Katie
  59. My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me
  60. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
  61. Three Happy Birthdays
  62. The Case of the Hungry Stranger
  63. Grandma and Grandpa Smith
  64. The Christmas Day Kitten
  65. Adrift
  66. Whatever Happens to Kittens
  67. The Sneeze
  68. Little Bunny Follows His Nose
  69. The Berenstain Bears and the Slumber Party
  70. The Night Before Christmas
  71. Does This Mean You'll See Me Naked?
  72. Both of Us
  73. A Father's Love
  74. The Year of My Miraculous Reappearance
  75. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
  76. Heads In process


MamaMunky said...

You did better on my A to Z challenge than I did! Good job on all your challenges.