Saturday, January 05, 2013

A to Z Book Challenge 2013

Hosted by Lindsey at Babies, Books, and Beyond. 

Challenge Guidelines:
 Read 26 books starting with each letter of the alphabet.
From January 1st, 2013 until December 31st, 2013, you can join anytime.
A - Make a list now of 26 books, picking one for each letter of the alphabet. 
For example: A - Atonement B- Black Beauty C - The Count of Monte Cristo D - Dances with Dragons etc.

B - The lazy way (how I do it) : Make a list on your blog from A-Z. Throughout the year, as you go along, add the books you are reading to the list. Hope that by the end of the year you have read one book for each letter. Towards the end of the year, you can check and see which letters you are missing and find books to fit.

Note: Since it is really hard to find titles beginning with X, the letter X just needs to be in the title somewhere.
Bonus! Each month, others challenges will be added to this main challenge. It might to read a book with both A and Z in the title or to read a book with 3 words that all start with the same letter. Check the main site for more info.

I took part in last year's A to Z Challenge and actually was pretty successful. I got all the letters except Q and X (there was a book in my list that had an X in it, so technically, I just needed Q). But I am excited to give it another go! As before, I will be choosing

Option B - The Lazy Way 

as, quite frankly, I don't like being pinned down to what books I MUST read. I would rather find them as I go along.

So, with no further we go!


MamaMunky said...

Thanks for joining! Good luck!