Sunday, January 06, 2013

Salon Sunday - 01/06/13

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This was a super busy work week, trying to catch up for holiday-vacation in just three days, I was glad when the weekend finally came! Back to work tomorrow for a full week of preparing for the spring semester at Tufts.  

Then next week is short as, believe it or not, I am flying out to Ireland in just ten short days!! That went quick!!  The PV gals are getting very excited, and have had a few extra rehearsals to get ready. We are, of course, ready...but always feel better with some practice under our belts!  The only negative is leaving my kitty for almost a week...I have never done that. Hubby will be with her, so she should be fine. But it still hurts my heart just thinking about it. I truly hope she thinks its just a short time and that it never crosses her mind that I have abandoned her (clearly, I am also hoping that all goes well and that I return safely!)

This past week I was actually able to catch up on some blogging, which was good, and finally discovered how to schedule posts ahead of time. How convenient! I will pre-schedule some posts in case I am unable to post while traveling.

I also got through a couple more books, so I am a bit behind on reviews which is unheard of for me given I read so slowly, but very nice!

Have a great week everyone!