Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Salon - 01/13/13

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Another busy week. At work, we are preparing for classes to start next week, which they will have to do without me because I will be leaving for Ireland on Wednesday! 

I did a bit of shopping this weekend to prepare, toiletries, a makeup bag, dual volt hair dryer, etc. I'm very excited, but nervous too. Assuming no issues with the flight, we will arrive Thursday morning about 6:30am. We then have the day to sleep, relax, site see (read this...use my new camera as much as possible), and then enjoy a concert that evening. Friday will be filled with music events, and a couple 2-3 song sets. Saturday we have two 45 minute sets and Sunday an hour set opening for the weekend finale. A busy agenda, but sounds like fun!

I will have to spend the next couple days packing and preparing to go, mentally preparing to leave the kitty.  Hubby will be traveling himself next week, so I will fly in hours after he leaves... Which, if anyone recalls a year ago, will leave us in separate countries for our first wedding anniversary!   Oh well, you do what you've got to do sometimes for performance opportunities.  We'll celebrate when he gets back.

I hope to schedule some posts to hit while I am away, but will have to catch up on you all when I get back.

I just finished reading Breaking Night by Liz Murray this weekend, a good read but fairly heavy. I was looking for something light to get me through the next couple days, so I chose Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte, cute, funny, light-hearted cat memoir. Perfect way to minimize my stress over the next couple days. Wish I could do the same for work!!

Oh well, hope everyone has a great week!