Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Salon - 02/13/12

Well this week just totally got ahead of me! 

I kept thinking, "Oh, I'm going to sit down and blog today..." and then a million other things caught my attention and no blogging got done. I guess I've got to just chock this one up to a "vacation week" and move forward! 

Work and Family

Family and work wise, it's business as usual. Busy.

This past weekend my a capella group did two performances. Saturday night was an hour long gig, with an intermission of yummy chocolate goodies in honor of Valentine's Day. It was nice to have a full hour to ourselves, rather than the typical one or two song gigs! The audience was very supportive and gave us a standing ovation. 

Sunday was a performance at an assisted living home. The audience was low key, but seemed to have a nice time. Hopefully they will have us back. You got to love these paying gigs!

At my theater, the season moves on...but I have jumped to next season. I am looking at beginning my 2012-2013 season membership drive. It moves so quickly! I'm hoping for another successful year!

At this point, I am sure that just about everyone has heard about the tragic passing of Whitney Houston this past weekend.  I am brokenhearted.  Though I, of course, didn't know her personally, I grew up with her. She provided the soundtrack to my high school years. She taught me more about singing (both strengths and weaknesses) than many vocal coaches.  And though many had turned their backs on her and accepted her as the joke-of-the-week, I held out hope that she might once again gain control and get past this terrible time in her life.  Her last interview left me with hope that she was truly over the hump... She looked great. Sounded pretty good and was very excited about her latest piece of work, Sparkle (due out in August). Lady luck was not quite so kind this time around though.

Rest well sweet voice. I will listen for you welcoming me home in the angel choir, when my time comes.
Books and Reading
I finished up a couple library books these past weeks and hope to get reviews up soon.  I have moved on to finishing up Peter Leonard's Voices of the Dead for my upcoming book tour.  I hope to finish it over the next day or so and prepare my review so I am ready early... Check back on the 16th!
I also got a few NetGalleys this week. Usually, I am a library-book reader so this was pretty exciting. Then, I actually figured out how to get them on my Nook. I'll be able to knock out those ebook challenge books quickly! I just hope I can get through them all soon enough.
What are you reading this week?


Anonymous said...

I think there weer a lot of people rooting for her, hoping she'd make a huge comeback and show 'em all. Sadly, that didn't happen.

I do use Netgalley a lot, especially since it's so easy to load my Kindle with titles. I finished Heidie Julavits's The Vanishers and Shannon Hale's Midnight in Austenland on my Kindle. Now I'm reading Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift. It's been years since I've read an Anne Rice title, so I'm hoping it goes well.