Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Wins Again...

Valentines = 36*
Me = 5*

For the vast majority of my life, I have been alone on Valentine's Day.  

Whether because I was single (as most 1-14 year olds are), because I was dating jerks (as many 15-35 year olds do), or because I was boycotting the whole "over-capitalized-too-much-hype-silly-card-store-holiday" the fact is that Valentine's has never been a great friend of mine. 

There were a few years there in my 30's when I was engaged and was happily coupled on Valentine's Day.  Minus the last year with that person, which involved a never-delivered dozen roses and several hours of my time on the phone fighting with the florist, ending in an offer for a coupon for a free bouquet (...as if I would ever have seen those!), those were good days!  But, for the most part, I've been a Valentine's Day Loner. 

Today, sadly, is no different.

To be fair my exciting plan to cuddle up, alone, with my cat and my Valentine buddies Ben and Jerry is the result of the new hubby's company's requirement that he travel to a conference in California this week.  This seems silly to me, given that they have made it abundantly clear that his job is being sent overseas as quickly as humanly possible.  

...but I'm not bitter or anything.

So, we'll celebrate this weekend when he returns. Dinner out and maybe a movie...minus the crowds and pressure. Or maybe dinner in with a nice fire in the fireplace.  And, a long weekend to boot!


(*These numbers are approximate)