Monday, August 13, 2012

Celebrating Love...

The hubby and I married in January. I hate winter. I hate cold. On our wedding day it snowed (probably the only day we got snow all winter)! 

So I was adamant about having a summer cookout for the reception!  

This past Saturday, family and friends gathered at my parent's house to celebrate and have a good time.  It was really laid back (Hawaiian shirts or T's and shorts for all). I wore an off-white lace tank and black shorts, very comfy.

Surprisingly, the weather cooperated. We were expecting a day of storms, and though we had some drizzle and clouds, we only had one real storm (before anyone showed up) and it dried quickly. Of course, it was hot and crazy humid, but we handled it. We set up tents, just in case.  We got one of my (much younger) brother's friends to run the grill so we had no responsibilities other than eating and having a good time.

We also had white tablecloths and I ordered eight dozen white and yellow daisies.  We put them into clear vases and set them around with yellow citronella candles. My mother surrounded those with the daisy heads and it was absolutely beautiful! 

We even set up a stage with mics for us musical folks (yes, the Purely Vocals gals sang and hubby and his buddies played) and used an iPod for background music when no one was performing.
Instead of a cake, which we had at the wedding, I was thinking cupcakes. But when I called the bakery my step-mother suggested, they said they didn't sell cupcakes...  Like, seriously?! It turned out, instead, they sell what they call "Cake Pops". At first, I thought "Oy, tacky", but then I saw these.  Too cute, no?! You can't quite tell from this picture, but they are yellow...with white daisies. Just perfect!

Overall, it was a really great day and we had a wonderful time! I saw friends I haven't seen in ages, my mother and her fiance traveled all the way from South Carolina to attend. It was a day filled with great friends and family!

My family worked themselves to the bone to make it happen, while hubby and I sat in traffic and shopped for food. I am truly blessed with not only an awesome husband but by the most incredible, supportive and amazing family (dad, step-mother, mother, her fiance, my brother, etc.).

I am a lucky, lucky gal!