Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I Got This - Hudson

In I Got This, Jennifer Hudson shares with us her journey from a childhood in Chicago, IL to adulthood. She discusses her musical journey from singing at family gatherings to performing on a Disney cruise ship, eventually auditioning and landing a spot on American Idol, and the amazing opportunities she has found since, including multiple roles in major movies and a mutli-record recording deal.

She also talks openly of being a heavy child in an even heavier family that "likes their food". Supposedly, Hudson grew up loving and accepting her body.  Weight was never an issue (good for her!), until she reached Hollywood and discovered that to be successful you have to be more than talented, you have to be thin. She struggled with this expectation to change something she never disliked about herself, eventually coming to the understanding that losing weight can be purely about being healthy and happy, rather than just about looks.

In my opinion, the first half of this book is very interesting and entertaining, especially if you are a Hudson fan. It well worth the read!

The second half of this book, unfortunately, turns into a *never-ending* commercial loop for Weight Watchers. Now, more power to the woman if she really and truly feels that level of commitment to the WW program. She worked the program, it did wonders for her, and congrats that's awesome!  But the endless harping about why the program is perfect for everyone and if everyone would just suck it up and stop bitching and commit themselves to getting healthy, they would loss all the weight that they've been struggling to lose...

Except, maybe not everyone is struggling to loss weight. And maybe everyone doesn't  need, or want, the program...  And maybe, just maybe, everyone can eat healthfully and exercise themselves and never owe WW one penny. And even if that's not what?! Stop harping already!

And then, she tops it off with a chapter about how people have (boo hoo) gotten down on her because she lost all the weight, looks so great, and is so happy (boo hoo) and how she's had to work through their pettiness and selfishness (boo hoo)

Ugh...spare me, please!  Tiresome and boring!

Overall, enjoy the first few chapters of the book but return it to the library unfinished.

2/5- Just okay.  Choose with extreme prejudice.