Monday, August 06, 2012

Sunday Salon - 08/05/12

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Outside my window: Sunny, hot. Has been humid for days, though they are saying it's going to break.

I am listening to: The a/c unit working overtime.

I am reading: At a in-between point, just finished Giant George by Dave Nasser.

I am going to read: Going to start either Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington or Titanic Tragedy by John Maxtone-Graham.

On the Blog: Been quiet, as I was on vacation for two weeks. I read a lot, but didn't sign in much.

Around the Book Blogosphere: Keeping up on my phone.

I am thinking: 

-I didn't get quite as much done over vacation as planned, but it was somewhat productive.
-Purely Vocals had a great performance this weekend, despite the debilitating humidity.
-In full-fledged "make-it-happen" mode for this weekend's wedding-reception/cookout. Have gone shopping, ordered flowers, desserts and tableclothes. Got the grills. Now its just a matter of putting them all together and having a good time.
-As if I wasn't crazy enough, we got the go ahead to redo our department offices at work (removing asbestos tiles, paint, carpet).  So we had to pack everything this past week. And this coming week I will be floating elsewhere, while trying to still be productive and prepare for the students to come back any day. Arrgghhhhh! 

But, it will be worth it - it will!!

I am grateful for: The opportunity to see my mother this weekend, since she lives in South Carolina it's rare. And for my wonderful hubby who not only puts up with my non-ending chaos, but even helped this weekend setting up the sound system for our performance. Good guy!

Around the house: As noted, not a huge amount of work (no painting or rug removal), but we did have a yard sale and donated everything else. So, we have a wonderful (and useful) summer porch...though we haven't used it much because of the heat and humidity. Fall's coming soon!

In the kitchen: No more boxes.

High of the Week: Awesome performance with Purely Vocals.

Low of the Week:  Stifling hot performance with Purely Vocals.

Family Matters: It's all wedding reception, all the time, at this point.

The coming week: Today - moving. Rest of the week - asbestos removal, so I will be roaming, looking for an office to land in for about two weeks. Can not wait to return to calm.

Words of Wisdom: 

One should never remain in an office when they are doing asbestos removal!

Have a great week, everyone!