Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Peak - Smith

At the beginning of Peak by Roland Smith, fourteen-year old Peak Marcello gets busted for climbing a New York City skyscraper (yes, I said skyscraper).  Looking at some hard-time in 'juvie', though he is not directly responsible a copy-cat tried and failed to do the same (ie - died), Peak is happy to accept the judge's offer to leave the country with his father while the chaos calms.

His father is a "rock rat", mountain climber, who owns a company which aids rich folks in climbing the world's tallest mountains, such as K2 and Everest. As an absentee father he has had little contact with Peak for years. He decides that while rescuing, and spending time with, his son they might as well use the opportunity to build the business (successfully peaking the youngest Everest climber ever will bring them lots of notoriety, and hopefully clients).

Peak finds himself on the side of Everest, a climber's dream, but appropriately cautious and mistrusting of his father's actions. While attempting the climb the largest mountain in the world, a life-or-death opportunity, Peak will come to understand his father and learn about himself as well. He will begin to truly grow up and, more importantly, discover what is truly most important in his life.

A well written adventure novel for the young adult crowd, surprisingly informational (Smith himself is an adventurer) without being non-fictiony.

3/5- Good. Read it, have a good time and move on. Or not.
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