Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Vow - Carpenter

After a chance meeting and a somewhat strange courtship (he called her company to order some athletic jackets and she answered, something about her voice made him call back again and again until eventually it was clear they were a match made in heaven) Kim and Krickett Carpenter made The Vow before God, their family, and friends to love and cherish one another until death parted them.  They married in September 1993 and looked forward to their promised lifetime together.

In November 1993, however, that promise would be challenged. As they headed out to a family Thanksgiving gathering, the couple was involved in a serious car accident. Thankfully everyone lived, but Krickett experienced major head trauma.

After spending several months in the hospital and many more in rehab, it was clear that, though her life was saved, her memory was not. Krickett had no recollection of the past several years. She maintained no memory of meeting, falling in love and marrying her soul mate, Kim. She did not remember him at all.

This is the Carpenter's memoir of their harrowing journey through the struggles that life sometimes brings. Despite the personality changes, mood swings and chaos that head trauma causes, both were determined to maintain their marriage vows and make their marriage work. After months of struggle and frustration, they finally realized that the only way to save their marriage was to start over.

One day at a time, they began to build their relationship. They dated. They got to know one another. And, with God's strange sense of humor and guidance , they once again fell in love, ultimately reaffirming their vows to devote their lives to one another.

This is an amazing, but true story. The struggles they face are great, but in the end love truly conquered all.  The book is easy to read and quite intimate in its writing. Definitely a feel good story for a nice summer afternoon.

3/5- Good. Read it, have a good time and move on. Or not.