Sunday, December 08, 2013

Salon Sunday - 12/8/13

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What up, bloggies?! 

Not much going on this week. Lots of preholiday busy at work.  Preparing for this week's holiday party. Folks always wait until the last minute to sign up, do they do that elsewhere or is it just my scientists!?

Also performed a couple of holiday gigs with Purely Vocals this past weekend. Then, headed over to the senior housing home where one of the gals' father has recently moved and performed an impromptu concert. The residents were not expecting us, not even her dad, and they were so happy to see us! They bopped and sang and one woman even directed from her seat in the back. Being in a locked ward must be tough at this time of year...and we were really blessed to be able to share the holiday spirit with them!

We've got one more performance this Friday to look forward too!

Books and Blogging

I am still working on Moby Dick, albeit slowly. It's not bad, as I've always assumed based on jokes and comments of others (that will teach me!). But it's definitely something to be read on the back end while I enjoy other, more contemporary books. At least for me!  I have also picked up Margot by Jillian Cantor. So far it's quite interesting, despite the unending number of other things drawing my attention this holiday season.

At this point, I've given up meeting my challenge goals for the year. It was just too busy and crazy this year. But that means that everything I read from now until January one is all about fun, no pressure. And that is a good thing!

Are you reading anything "just for fun" this month?



Harvee said...

Reading Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy for "fun." Quite a good book for a Victorian writer!

Book Dilettante

Amy said...

I've finally learned to keep something easy and entertaining going while I read weighty books too!