Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Salon -12/15/13

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What up, bloggies?! 

Another busy pre-holiday week here!

Purely Vocals performed again this weekend and the audience had a great time, singing along and enjoying the holiday feel. Then Saturday the hubby and I had some couples over for a hang out and easy-peasy dinner. It was a really nice night hanging out by the fire, talking, drinking, and good food. Perfect despite the snow...

Yes, last night we got our first substantial snow storm of the season.  Though it wasn't as bad as predicted, it's very pretty and it is definitely "beginning to look a lot like Christmas"! Perhaps I should start decorating...and shopping...or maybe just send out cards!  Let's just say I'm behind the X-Mas eight-ball!

Books and Blogging

Not surprisingly, this week has been slow reading, with all my other seasonal responsibilities. But being on vacation Christmas week through New Years should give me some time to relax and.. Oh who am I kidding?! I say that every time and usually end up just as busy!

But I'll try to find some time to enjoy the book and start thinking about the blog in 2014.

What are your plans for blogging in 2014?