Saturday, April 05, 2014

Saturday Savings - 04/05/14

Coupon Basics - Types  

There are several kinds of coupons available and most stores allow you to "stack" those on one another, creating the best discount possible on each item.

For example, most stores have weekly or monthly sales which are offered to get buyers in the doors. Some require store loyalty cards, some do not.

Manufacturers' Coupons...

Manufacturers offer coupons on specific products to garner interest (i.e. sales). Typically, manufacture's coupons are thought of as what you find in the newspaper, but they can also come as blinkies, peelies or tear pads.  These are found in the stores, usually next to the item, on pads on the shelving, on the item itself and peeled off for instant savings, or in little hanging boxes by the shelves which often have a blinking red light to catch buyers' attention.  Some manufacturers also put coupons in the box with purchased products (like lunch bags and such).

You can also print manufacturer coupons off the internet.  Another online option is eCoupons. eCoupons can sometimes be linked to your store loyalty cards or scanned on a smart phone at the time of purchase.

Store Coupons...
Stores themselves often offer coupons on specific items. Again, these boost sales on specific items and are meant to spark interest and get a buyer in the doors. Stores also offer catalinas, which are the coupons that the store clerk hands you back with your receipt (which most people ignore and toss). Catalinas can be  manufacturer or store coupons, or sometimes are just a store reward bonus coupons, so double check!

Store reward bonus coupons are called Extra Value Bucks (ECB) at CVS and  Register Rewards (RR) at Walgreens. They are additional coupons for a specific dollar amount that you get for purchasing specific deals - kind of like getting a $5 dollar bill back and applying it to your next order -  which you apply to your whole sale at the end.

Remember coupons are stackable (at most stores)You can only use one manufacturer's coupon per item, ever.  But you can usually stack a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon, which can be stacked on top of a regular weekly sale price, and for icing on the cake...use a RR or ECB to finish off the sale!



FOUR 6-bar packs of Irish Spring soap, for $4 (in two sales...)

On sale 2 for $7
Stacked with $1 off two coupon

Stacked with $4 "store reward bonus coupon"
 (x 2 times)


$2 or $1.00 per box (or less than $0.25 per bar)

That's a good deal!