Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Savings - 04/12/14

Coupon Basics - Gathering

As noted, there are various kinds of coupons available. To maximize your savings, you will want to gather coupons from as many sources as possible.

Manufacturers' Coupons...

The most obvious place to find manufacturers' coupons is the newspaper inserts. As noted, you can also find these at stores (blinkies, tear pads, and peelies...usually found on the shelves with the items), on the Internet (,, and, among others), and in packaging of purchased products.

You can also find them in magazines (AllYou usually provides several good coupons monthly) and in those little inserts or newsletters that your health insurance company sends sometimes. Also, many companies will give you coupons if you like them on Facebook or if you visit their website. Sometimes you have to sign up as a member, but its usually worth it and you can just create a couponing email address too.

Basically, manufacturers' coupons are everywhere. You just have to keep you eyes out!

Store Coupons and eCoupons... 

Stores coupons can be found in various places. A great place to start is store websites. Target, for example, offers not only printable store coupons but also a system called Cartwheel which offers eCoupons (and yes, you can use both on the same product).  

Each store tends to have its own system.  Some stores offer monthly booklets with coupons (Walgreens), some have a coupons dispenser in stores (CVS), some give you the option of watching videos online (RiteAid), and a variety of other options. Walgreens also offers a reward point system which tracks points for specific sales which equate to dollars off your next sales, Reward Points. This program is in addition to the Catalina bonus reward coupons that you get at check out! is another eCoupon option which links sales to your store car, but rather than immediate savings you get a credit toward an account which you can "cash out" later.  There are also a variety of online coupon sites that pay into a similar account only after you purchase and download your receipt: Checkout 51 and Ibotta are just a couple.

Again, they are everywhere just keep you eyes out!

Note that Walgreens will not let you EARN reward points and SPEND reward points in the same sale! They say it is a legal issue... But making this error can throw off a deal, so be careful.


FOUR tubes of shampoo/conditioner, for $0.75

On sale 2 for $6
Minus $2 "reward points" each sale, making them $2 each
Stacked with two $1 coupons and two $1.50, one for each item


$0.75 per bottle or $3.00 total

Compare: these four 10oz bottles to the cost of a 40oz economy bottle ($10+), a much better deal!