Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Savings - 04/19/14

Coupon Basics - Organization

So, you've got lots of what?!

Different people organize their coupons in different ways.

Some couponers just buy a typical A-Z coupon organizer and call it done. A bit messy, but usable.

Others couponers opt not to spend time cutting all those coupons (remember, you may not use every coupon you find if the deals aren't worth it or if the item is not in your list of items used*).

The Insert Method requires storing your weekly newspaper inserts by the date that they were released. While this saves time cutting coupons you won't use, it requires that you spend more time preparing for each weekly shopping trip (finding sales, pulling and cutting the coupons). Also, this doesn't prepare you to get those surprise deals on items for which you don't have coupons ready (unless you want to cut away in the store aisles) and it doesn't account for those random coupons you find, so you need a back up system to organize those too.

I currently use the Binder Method, which means I cut and gather all my coupons and organize them in a binder (I use plastic currency holders and dividers to separate them).  I organize by categories (Baking, Frozen, Paper and Plastic, etc.), but some people use the store aisles or manufacturer names.  Though it takes time to cut and file all those coupons, I can always carry my binder in the car and if I stop at a store, I am always prepared!


FOUR boxes of Tampax 18ct, for $4.96

On sale for $3.99 each
Stacked with two coupons ($3 off two boxes)
And, received a $5 gift card for next purchase


$1.24 a box, total $4.96

When you start couponing, it is worth doing the math to figure out what is truly a deal or not. Figure out the per item or per ounce price of that super-size version you usually buy and the same for the sale and compare. Don't just assume! Eventually, it will become second knowledge. Above: 18 Tampax times 4 boxes ($0.07 a piece, typically these are $0.12 or more each!)

*My one note on this is don't be too judgmental, sometimes its worth saving everything! Recently, I tossed a Clearasil coupon. "I'll never need this!"  Turns out Clearasil also makes a really nice, fruity facial scrub I would have loved and it was FREE a few weeks ago with the right coupons! I missed out, stupid me.