Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Savings - 04/26/14

Couponing - Preparing for the Deals!

Though I organize all my coupons into a binder, this doesn't relieve me of spending some time each week preparing for my shopping trips. I could, of course, just take my binder and go, but that would leave me at the store digging through the binder hoping to find a good deal. Can you say time consuming?! To say nothing of pissing off the other customers trying to get around you.
Instead, I choose to spend a couple of hours going through all the weekly flyers and visiting a few favorite coupon websites (you can put these into your blog feed!) to find the deals that week. I then pull my coupons out, put them into an envelope with a list for each store and when I get to the store, I whip out my envelope, find my items, and go.

I don't actually like shopping at all...  Hate it! This system helps save time, and sanity!

2 bottles for $0.32

On sale for 2 for $7
Stacked with two coupons for $2.50 a piece = minus $5.00
Stacked with $2 worth of bonus points


FREE or $0.32 (after taxes)

Where you live has a lot to do with sales! I live in Massachusetts. For some reason, when the rest of the country has a $1.99 laundry detergent deal...we're paying $2.99 for the same exact item! And, generally speaking, prices overall are more expensive here than many other states. Take the coupon sites' "deals" with a grain of salt and double check the deals when you get in store. You may find different, but sometimes even better, deals.