Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Salon - 04/13/14

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If I was a different person, I would have gotten this post up before midnight... But alas, I am who I am. So here ya go...

The past couple of weekends have included not one, but two funerals/memorial services, but I've done pretty ok with actual reading and other posts so I'll give myself a little slack.  Work is typically busy for the spring semester. No additional news on the job front, we are still just hanging on, waiting. 

On a good note, the kitty seems to be feeling better. We have taken away all dry food, which seems to expand in her stomach, and have taken to giving her little portions, often. Every day she feels better is a gift! Now, we begin the summer hairball battle. With the weather hitting 70° both days this weekend (which makes me very happy), we need to be very diligent about brushing!

And Purely Vocals is excited to go into the studio this summer and record our first CD. Audience members ask all the time if we have one and we are finally taking the hint. It will be a long process, and we won't likely have a product until the fall, but we are all excited to get started.


I'm finally getting some reading done. I've gotten through a coouple of Netgalleys and have completed a handful of reviews. I'm currently reading Breakfast Served Anytime, a Netgalley, which I am enjoying so far. I've also managed to get a few posts scheduled, which always makes me feel more in control. I did however opt to skip the A-Z Challege this year, juat to busy to be successul. There's always next year!

How about you?