Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Salon - 04/20/14

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Happy Easter! Whether you celebrate or not, I hope your day was filled with family, friends or good food...or even better, all three! Mine was!

The past week included both 70 degree days and snow! Give me a break Mother Nature!

Work continues to be crazy, as we inch toward Commencement. Word is that the changes in my job may be coming soon... We'll, it's more like the option to move forward is coming soon. The changes will occur over the next few years until essentially my job no longer exists. Hopefully I won't have to stress too much longer about what do next, hopefully it will be quick, clear and painless. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Spent the last week catching up on blog reading. I had fallen pretty far behind. Feedly on my phone only goes up to 499, then it says "499+". I was "499+" behind! But I have caught up. Yeah me.


Still reading slowly, despite enjoying what I am reading. What is that about, anyway?!

Not really getting into the writing of blogging recently. Not sure why. Kinda feel like I don't really have much to say. Or anything interesting, perhaps.

Anyone else feel this way?