Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Salon - 12/11/11

I love the holiday season. I used to love Christmas as a child. Then, I kind of hated it as a young adult. Everyone said, "Oh, you'll change your mind when you have kids!"  But, I never had kids...  Thankfully, as I've gotten older I am appreciating it a bit more again. It helps that Christmas shopping is minimal these days, everyone basically wants gift certificates, cash or stuff I can get via the Internet.  Thank goodness for the Internet!

Along with preparing for the holiday, its been a crazy week at work...

My staff assistant was out for a couple vacation days, then her mother got ill and passed away.  So I've been on my own for this week and while its under control, its also very busy. We are just going into finals too, so things are just going to get busier. But I'm glad she's taking time to be with her family. Its the worst to lose someone you love right around the holidays.


I'm also trying to motivate my coworkers to have a holiday party. Apparently, they haven't done so in like...a decade! One thing about working with a bunch of physicists, there aren't a lot of social butterflies.  I'm doing my best to spark some interest!

Of course, I'm also counting the days as I will be on vacation again soon! Yippee!

Its been a busy season at my theater as well. We had our holiday show last weekend and this coming weekend we are having a holiday fair with a local art gallery.  It should be lots of fun and is another chance to have a membership sales table.

I'm also looking forward to a family Christmas party this coming weekend.  Its my favorite part of the holiday and am really glad my parents are doing it again after taking a few years off.

Oh, and did I mention my baby brother (born some 20 years after me....) is turning 21 tomorrow?!?!?!  God help us all!  But, especially, God help me because I am officially OLD!!!

I hope all of your holiday preparations are going well!