Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday Salon - 12/19/11


Goodness I am tired. And grouchy. Sorry co-workers. Sorry students. Sorry family. I am nearing the end of my proverbial rope and there are still three more days of work to make it through before I am finally on vacation. 

Work and family
The past couple weeks have been crazy-busy due to a death in my staff assistant's family. She's been out and I've been covering her work, as well as mine.  Typically, a weekend would rest me up and I'd be ready to keep going. But this past weekend was packed full with holiday responsibilities and here I am Monday morning (late for Sunday Salon, missed my Friday Faves) exhausted.  Barely making it through the day. And did I mention grouchy?!

I attended my parent's holiday party on Saturday. It was a great time as always...though I always come away from those things feeling old (seeing the next door neighbor's daughter who is in her mid-twenties, though the last time I saw her she was like seven). Oh well.

The fiance has been sick for a few days and opted to stay home...despite wanting to go really badly.

I spent both weekend days at the theater, selling membership at our holiday fair. It was a nice time and I sold a couple, so it was worth the time.

My a cappella group is gearing up for 2012. We have an audition on New Year's Day for a cabaret thing we've done for a few years. More about that later, assuming they make a place for us.  

Also, we have a Chocolate Lover's Night event the weekend before Valentine's Day. We did it last year and it was really great. Besides the tons of chocolate desserts that are available, the event is a full Purely Vocals performance.  We often do gigs where we share the stage, but this is a chance to perform a full set list (1-2 hours). Tiring, but fun!  And we get paid, which is very nice as that means I get reimbursed for the website costs! 

Books and Reading
Downtime at the holiday fair allowed some good reading time... Reviews are coming, though I may have to wait until after the holidays to fit them in.  Once again no trip to the library, but hopefully this Friday before I finish my holiday shopping.

Hope your holiday plans are coming together!