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Writers Workshop - 12/01/11

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 5.) Tell us the story of how your pet came to be a member of your family. (Inspired by Busy Day Blog)

Once upon a time, there was a Girl. This Girl left home for college and while she was gone, having a grand time growing up, her childhood dog was diagnosed with cancer and was put to sleep. She was not home for this and carried the guilt for many years. She was heartbroken and swore she'd never get another pet.

Then, one day a decade later, her heart stopped hurting quite so much and she began to think again. But she couldn't face having another dog and the implication that it might replace her beloved childhood puppy. Besides, she lived in apartments and landlords are very picky!  So she decided a feline was the way to go.

The Girl set about finding just the right pet... After an exhaustive search (30 seconds waiting for the internet to boot up), she typed "" into the info line and pressed enter. She found several options in the pets section and called a couple to ringing phones and no answers.  Then someone finally picked up. The Lovely Woman explained that she needed to pass on her beloved Kitty because she was in fact moving to Kuwait (no really, Kuwait) and none of her friends or family was able to take the pet. The Girl was intrigued and agreed to go on a speed-kitty-dating meetup.

The day arrived and The Girl was very excited. She loved animals and, in light of recently kicking her Loser-Ex-Boyfriend out, was ready to have someone to come home too. A 40-minute T ride later, and several moments of being lost in the side streets of Cambridge, Mass, she arrived. The Lovely Woman opened the door and invited The Girl in. The Kitty was roaming the room, carefully checking out the newcomer to see if it was someone she might like...or a man. The Girl was enamored. The Kitty was beautiful, gray long-hair and the most amazing green eyes that moved right through her soul.

The Lovely Woman suggested The Girl sit. So she did...right onto the dirty wooden floor next to the Kitty, rather than onto the sofa she was being offered. The Kitty sniffed a couple times and then moved right into The Girl's hands to be petted and loved. The Lovely Woman was convinced and asked The Girl when she could take Kitty home...

The Girl explained that she was moving in two months, that technically she couldn't have pets in her current apartment, and that she was scheduled to go into the hospital for a week to complete a diet study she had been on for months (that's another story of course).  The Lovely Woman explained that she was moving in one month, but would gladly keep the Kitty until that time. She would ask some friends to Kitty-sit until The Girl could take her. But despite their efforts, this didn't work out so great.

The Girl decided that she would rather get kicked out of her old apartment and live in her car for a couple of weeks rather than lose this Kitty who had stolen her heart. So, about a month later, she traveled once again to Cambridge, Mass (this time not getting lost at all) and arrived to pick up the Kitty. The Lovely Woman had left for Kuwait (yes, Kuwait) the week before and had arranged for a friend to meet The Girl for the trade-off.

Unfortunately, said friend was a Big-Burly Boy-Man who was terrified of cats.  Big-Burly Boy-Man stood across the room and waited for The Girl to gather the Kitty. This was easier said then done as the Kitty was just as afraid of the Big-Burly Boy-Man as he was of her (she is still not fond of men, they have to grow on her) and was therefore already in a tizzy.  Eventually, The Girl managed to forcefully shove lovingly coax Kitty into the Scarey Cat-Eater Box.  The Big-Burly Boy-Man was so relieved the Kitty was contained that he needed to "hit the head", so The Girl politely took her leave along with her new treasure.

A 40-minute T ride later, and several moments of being stared down by fellow T travelers for using a whole seat for her kitty-urine-stanking Scarey Cat-Eater Box (Kitty did not like T rides, noise or movement), she arrived home. Kitty slowly acclimated to her new home and became comfortable with The Girl.

And when The Girl had to go to the hospital for her diet study, her Friend-Who-Had-Just-Gotten-Rid-Of-Her-Own-Two-Cats Kitty-sat for The Girl (the Friend was pregnant with her second child and just couldn't handle them anymore). When The Girl went to bring the Kitty home, the Friend-Who-Had-Just-Gotten-Rid-Of-Her-Own-Two-Cats told her that she loved Kitty and would gladly take her any time.

The Lovely Woman and The Girl still keep in touch. The Girl sends Kitty updates and Kitty-pictures every once in a while.  The Kitty is getting older, but is still beautiful and her eyes still melt The Girl's soul.

They were never found out and didn't get kicked out before they got to move to the new Kitty-legal apartment that had no Loser-Ex-Boyfriends, no Big-Burly Boy-Men, and only minimal Scarey Cat-Eater Boxes.

...and they even agreed to share their home with a Not-So-Loser-Fiance who loves Kitty as much The Girl does.  So much for not getting another pet!

Now it’s your turn!


Karen and Gerard said...

Glad you got to keep your gorgeous kitty! Boo on the ex and the big burly man!

Here's the link to our post about how we got our Manny Boy cat: