Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Blog Hop - 10/14-17/11

Are you a book blogger? Are you a reader? Then welcome to the place where all of us connect over the weekend and chat about books!

How it Works

As long as you meet the qualifications of a book blogger, you may add your book blog link into the linky list below. But before you do that, there are a few requirements. Read up, to save yourself a headache with the linky! :) 

1. Before you add your link, you must post about the Hop on your blog and link directly back to THIS POST (not just my domain, but the direct post for this Hop). The linky is going to review the link that you enter in your submission, looking for a link to this post on your blog. If it doesn’t find one, your link will not be approved. This is called back linking and I had to institute it because people were taking advantage of the Hop and getting some free advertising without promoting the Hop themselves. You can read more about this here.

2. While you are creating your post, answer the following question (there’s a new prompt each week)!

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That’s it! Now you can start hopping around, visiting other links in the list, meeting fellow bloggers and chatting about their blogs and books they are reading. If you aren’t a blogger, this is a great opportunity for readers to find new sites to follow and meet some new friends who enjoy reading the same things that they do! I strongly encourage you to take some time to visit these blogs and spend some time with your blog friends. We all work hard on our sites and we enjoy getting company, so let’s read more than just the blog hop post – let’s connect! That’s what the Hop was created for! :) Happy Hopping!

“What is your favorite spooky book (i.e. mystery/suspense, thriller, ghost story, etc.)?”

My Answer: 
I am, admittedly, not at all a fan of mysteries, suspense or ghost stories. I read quite a bit in high school, but lost my taste for it when bad things started happening whenever I read them...


For example, I had stopped reading Stephen King for this reason. Then, I started reading a book one day without realizing who the author was.  An hour or so later, my prom date called to inform me he couldn't go after all. I was heartbroken, and stumped since he was just a friend (no weird date issues there).  When I sat down a bit later, I discovered the SK thing... I dumped the book, literally, and the next day my date called and all was fixed. The prom was back on.  Silly and superstitious, perhaps, but this sort of thing has happened to me more than once!

But...if I had to choose, I would go with a classic like Steven King's Carrie. A great story and I can't help but envision Sissy Spacek covered in blood!

See?!  I just tried to upload a picture and it wouldn't upload...then it froze my computer!  I'm just saying...