Monday, April 01, 2013

A to Z Challenge - A

In a previous post, I told readers that I bought a new camera for Christmas. For this year's A to Z Challenge, I will be reading up on how to use my new toy and posting information and pictures from my progress along the way to "photographer". Not particularly bookish, but I promise to keep up with my bookish duties too!

If all goes well, perhaps I will have the start of a new blog!! And here we go...
Taken by my nephew Cameron, a perfect example!

Aperture is one of the camera settings that enables a photographer to control light entering a camera. It is represented in "f-stops" (f/1.8). A lower f-stop means a wider aperture and a higher f-stop means a narrower aperture, a bit confusing...

My first effort, a nice shot...but not as noticeable.
The cool thing about aperture is that a wider aperture lets in more light making for a shallower depth of field - in other words less of the photo appears in focus. That is how photographers get that cool effect where they are focused on something but the background is blurred.

A later attempt, a bit better!


Janeal Falor said...

Fun! I love taking pictures. This brings back memories to my high school photography class. The last picture of the apple looks good.