Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sunday Salon - 04/07/13

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Hi all,

I got such a great response last week, I decided to follow up this week!

Thank you to the commenters for their helpful feedback. I look forward to exciting new opportunities on the blog when time allows!

We began the A to Z Challenge this week. So far all is going great. If you haven't caught any of the posts, my focus is using my Christmas present - a brand new camera - and some online resources to learn something about photography. It's going very well, with lots of supportive comments, and I am actually learning about aperture, ISO, shutter speeds and all that photography technique stuff. I actually purchased what appeared to be an awesome how-to type video online...I will let you know what I think once I view it.

Reading-wise I'm doing ok, but am admittedly sticking to shorter reads as they are more realistic given how busy I am. This past week my co-worker was out, as her daughter had a baby. It's been excruciating. The office was crazy busy with exams and a major departmental event coming up in a week. But she is due back tomorrow and hopefully the week will be calmer leading up to next week's long weekend - amen!!

I hope your week is calm and relaxing as well.

Gotta go now, Garth Brooks is on TV!



Ali said...

I've been working on my photography, too, so I'll be following along with your A-Z to see what you're learning. :)

Shannon... said...

Great, I would love to hear what you know as well. I am really just a beginner... Thinking of starting a photography blog, if all goes well.