Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A to Z Challenge - B

Before a photographer can effectively and artistically break the rules of "good" technique and composition, he/she must first understand them! Balance is one of the basics

The human eye is most comfortable with seeing things in balance: two eyes, two ears, two arms/legs/feet, etc. By taking a photo of subjects that are in symmetry, a  photographer pleases the human eye's need for balance, which makes the photo appear solid and stable looking.

Another way of creating balance in a photo is by photographing two items that are asymmetrical, one larger and one smaller with the larger in the corner in the forefront and the smaller in the opposite corner in the distance. This essentially tricks the eye into seeing two symmetrical items, but with distance causing the apparent difference in size.

When things are out of balance in a photo, the picture feels uneven and less stable (which can, of course, be an interesting option to play with in photography).  An asymmetrical composition can create a feeling of movement and action in your photo.


Wendy LaPlaca said...

You might try doing a photo challenge to help you exercise your photography skills. I do one each you in conjunction with the AtoZChallenge - sometimes it even helps me figure out a topic! (BONUS!)

I'll be reading along, I could use some photography tips myself :)