Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Salon - 04/21/13

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Well folks,

As everyone has heard, it's been a crazy, chaotic week here in Massachusetts!

Monday was such a beautiful day. Everyone was psyched for the Patriot's Day holiday (well, those who had off), and the Marathon was looking to be a wonderful time. I planned to go in and take pictures for the A to Z Challenge, but got a slow start. I watched the winners come in via TV, then showered and headed out.  But there was no parking at the T and rather than making the drive to another T station, I turned towards home.

When I got here, I headed to the lake down the street. After an hour or so my phone rang and my husband told me that he was just glad to hear my voice. Being totally zoned out, I asked him what he was talking about and he told me about the bombings. I was floored and returned home to watch hours of news about the horrific events and frantically follow Facebook awaiting word of friends.

The rest of the week was pretty much a fog.

But business had to go on. I had a big event on Thursday at work and started production of my show just a few hours afterwards. Honestly, I got home late and barely paid attention to the news about the MIT shooting and went to bed early.

Friday morning, I was awakened by a Tufts emergency notice that the T was shut down. Weird, I thought. Why are they telling us that? I turned on the television to learn about all the horrible happenings of Thursday night, beginning with an alleged convenience store hold up (not actually related), the MIT shooting, the shoot out in Watertown (a town I worked in just a few years back!) and the eventual manhunt.

As the morning went on Tufts, and pretty much all colleges and businesses in the area, closed for the day. Everyone holed up at home (per the governor's instructions) and many hours later, they found the man/child who took part in the planning and execution of the horrible events Monday and took him into custody.

Needless to's been an exhausting week emotionally, mentally, and physically. I am, quite frankly, glad it's over! Even when time was available, I could barely focus on reading and therefore, not a lot got done. I spent Friday spring cleaning (nervous cleaning is very productive!).

Tonight I sat down and was finally able to focus for more than a few minutes. It is nice that things are finally a bit more least for some of us.