Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A to Z Challenge - I

ISO is the second major camera setting that a photographer can adjust to control exposure in their photographs. ISO is the digital equivalent of film speed (previously 100, 200, 400). The faster the ISO (or film speed) the more sensitive to light the camera is. 

Low ISOs will produce a more realistic, clean picture, particularly in darker picturesHigh ISOs are can be used to pick up more detail in a dark photograph, but the negative to that is that the higher the ISO the more the photo will appear less realistically bright. And, as your ISO increases, so does the grain of your photos (they call this "noise"). 

Many cameras just set an ISO themselves that you can work with, unless you want to play with this option.


Anonymous said...

I haven't played with that on my camera yet. I need to check that out! I only put it on manual every once in a while, but i have been more and more, my lens just won't focus where I want it to!

Mark Means said...

You'll probably laugh, but the only camera I own is in my

Nice to know about ISO, though.

Left and Write

The Golden Eagle said...

I have a digital camera and it can adjust the ISO--I didn't know the relation of the numbers to exposure/sensitivity, though. Interesting post!